Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A necessary evil

Though many people think because we don't have grass to mow, the yard is maintainance free-alas, not so. Once a year the entire yard must be sprayed with a pre-emergent weed killer. I am the hose handler which means I follow every bit of the way behind Mr. M making sure the hose does not get tangled, kinked or caught on any plantings. Every year this seems a little easier due to longer hose, more connections and more patience. It does seem like this day rolls around faster each year.
Mr. M's inventive little holder for the sprayer.
This mistletoe grows in many of the trees out here. I believe it is more of a parasitic than symbiotic relationship. Looks like this bunch just commited planticide.
Just a pretty tree trunk that I wish the elves would wrap with Christmas lights for me.
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auntie m said...

Pretty pictures. Now I think you need to take it easy after a rough day of hose handling.

shy_smiley said...

Too bad I can't bring my preschoolers on a field trip. They love holding the hose when we fill the water tables. I had one kid say to me, "I want to be the hoser!" On second thought, with the invective I imagine gracing the air, bringing the preschoolers probably isn't a good idea.