Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last day in Middletown

On Saturday morning Mona left for home. Mom was kind of tired so I told her we would just take a ride. This is Polecat Hill somehow it seemed a lot more steep when I was a kid.
Good old Salt Creek. Spent lots of time playing under this bridge. Wasn't supposed to though.
The Mill Restaurant in Lincoln, an old Route 66 landmark is being renovated. Mandy and I ate here a few times when we first moved back to Mt. Pulaski. Home of the famous schnitzel sandwich.
Elkhart hill. This was on my blog last year but I just love it so much.
Also love this so very, very much. This was our home for the 8 years we lived in Mt. Pulaski. This house was so comforting and secure. And probably had more storage than any house in town. The big tree by the garage door was my Mother's Day present in about 1988.
Mt. Pulaski court house. Abe Lincoln was a circuit rider here.
My very favorite grave marker ever.
Den's parents' marker in Laenna Cemetery in Chestnut.
Pastoral scene in Chestnut-Beason Park. We used to have family picnics here.
Precious family of geese along water's edge.
Atlanta, Il clock tower landmark.
Seeing the arch again on the return drive. I had a very rewarding and enjoyable time.

Illinois River Winery

A delightful little side trip led us here to this winery. We could taste as many varieties as we wished.
Several of them pleased Mona. She was driving so was able to take quite a few bottles home with her.
We both fell in love with Chateau Amour. It is a chocolate cherry wine and was just about perfection in a bottle.
The wines were beautifully displayed. All made right there in Utica, IL.
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Trip home-day 5

On Thursday, we decided to make special plans. Drove to Starved Rock State Park and had lunch at the lodge. We ate on the deck in spite of the chill.
Got a few funny pictures trying to get my mom to smile for me. She hates having her picture taken more than I do. My mom doesn't really look 85 years old, does she?
View of river from the patio.
Just a pretty little drive to the lodge.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 4 -last stop

On our way back to Middletown that night, we stopped by Beth's. She took us over to see my nephew Kent and great-nephew Dallas who I met for the first time. My mom took care of Kent from newborn for as long as he needed a baby sitter. Here she holds Dallas who looks pretty much just like Kent did.
Mona has a turn cuddling Dallas.
Three generations -Beth, Kent Kaitlynn and Dallas.

Grandma Beth looks pretty happy with her little sweeties. This was a long and memorable day for us. The older I get the more I realize how important all my "connections" are to me.
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Day 4 later that evening

An old Springfield landmark restaurant where we had dinner.
A return trip from last year because the linguine and clam sauce was so good.
Beautiful flower container right outside the door.
Mom must have enjoyed herself.
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Trip home -day 4

On Wednesday, Mom ,Mona and I attended a memorial service, burial and lunch for Joyce P. a cousin on the Agnew side of the family. This is me with Carla, Joyce's baby sister who 2 years younger than I am. Though the reason for the get together was sad, it was comforting to see family members. I think we both look like Agnews.
Drive to Springfield through the Illinois corn fields.
I introduce Mom and Mona to Paris blend tea.
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Trip home-Day3

On Tuesday, we all piled into Melissa's car and went to Lincoln for thrift shopping and driving around a bit. This has always been one of my favorite houses and it was looking especially pretty decked out in greenery.
Then on to the Wild Hare tearoom in Elkhart for another delicious lunch.
Melissa and Katie had to go back to Joliet in the late afternoon but we were able to take in this environmental art exhibit before they left. Another very enjoyable day. I am so thankful that my sisters are 2 of my best friends.
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Trip home-Day2

Mona, Melissa, Katie and I all arrived in Middletown on Sunday evening. We met up in Lincoln and had dinner at First Wok, wonderful Chinese food. On Monday we went to Petersburg for a little antiquing. And anything else we could find of interest. Six of the 7 days I was in Illinois were rainy and cool. Menard County courthouse pictured here. Our friend Bert took me here to get my driver's license 47 years ago.
The evil Breene women contemplate the menu at a tasty little bar and grill on the square. Mona had a large and tasty margarita for something like $3. Yo, we're not in Scottsdale anymore.
One of Melissa's purchases which she proudly displays for the camera. A fun day ending up shopping in Springfield.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost there

Went home to Middletown on May 16. As soon as I can see the arch, I know I'll be there soon.
Crossing the mighty Mississip-Big Muddy, Ole Man River, etc.
Electric plant in Springfield. Now I know I can measure the time until I'm home in minutes.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A little bit of creativity

An apron made to fulfill my contribution to my church women's group fund raiser.
A necklace for Mandy.
An apron as a thank you gift for a friend. I had to make about 10 or 12 yards of bias tape for this. Any time pattern directions state " encase in bias tape" I know it is not going to be "tres facile." Especially now that I make most of my own bias tape.
A little cotton top for Becky.
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