Thursday, February 26, 2009


Nature at its best in the beauty of these flamingos. Can't believe I'm taking pictures of birds.
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the outing

Aaron felt well enough today for a little trip to the zoo with Mandy, Evan and Mama Dee.
Evan is very familiar with the zoo and has lots of information to share about the animals.
Aaron was interested in lots of side trips.
Evan displays a new set of nails at the toystore "Yikes". We had a good time.
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trip to Tucson

I made a trip to Tucson on Tuesday afternoon and Evan and I stayed home while Mandy took
this poor little pink cheeked feverish child to see the doctor
about this angry looking rash which turned out to be roseola. He has had a miserable few days but seems to be feeling quite a bit better now. We even made a little visit to the zoo before I came home tonight.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

the products

Hey Diddle,diddle tote bag-made for donation to silent auction at Evan's school.
Bracelet and earrings for same silent auction.
What I might call my "signature" necklace for the AAA benefit in Champaign-Urbana.

Some earrings I'm sending Lori as a gift to her. Ear wires made and hammered by me. Making things gives me a great bit of satisfaction.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Father of our country

Love my postcards. I believe I'm reading the postmark on this as 1910. And Auntie M, I did read and enjoy that Mount Vernon novel on your recommendation. Also, Den and I loved the John Adams series.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

The products

A bracelet and earrings to be donated to Artists Against Aids by Becky's friend Lori who is now my friend, too.
Earrings for the same purpose.
A little picture I put together to send to Mandy. I'm trying to come up with ideas on my own in this the year of creativity. I am harshly critical of myself. When I told a woman I know from church that I don't feel I'm creative and I've certainly never felt anything I ever made could be called art, she asked if I had a product to show when I was finished. She said she was taught if you created an end product, it was art. So , here are my end products.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

tea for 2+2

I was invited to the English Rose Tearoom in Carefree with my niece Ginny, great-niece Keira, and Ginny's mother Carolyn who is visiting from New Mexico. These are some of the tasties which were consumed.
Keira was certainly the youngest lady enjoying tea today.
She liked the pink cake.
A 3 generation picture of some sweet gals. Thank you very much Carolyn and Ginny for including me in the festivities.
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The booty

I had a little time to kill this morning so made a visit to the Gold Mine Thrift Store which is associated with Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church in Cave Creek. I volunteered at this shop for about 10 years. I spent $17.50 this morning and came away with this lot of goods. I bought the purse because I loved it but was also filled with smugness when I looked up this brand (Monsac) online and discovered that I had spent about 3% of its original price. Even though prices have increased in this shop, there is still a thrilling deal to be found.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

A fun day

Today being President's Day, Linda had the day off so I drove down to her house to have an adventure with her. We went to Queen Creek Olive Mill where they have a small olive oil production. They sell the olive oil, olive oil beauty products and various food and gift items of the olive theme. Here is Linda peeking through the aisles.
This is the olive oil room with plain and infused olive oils for sale. I bought one bottle of plain and one of vanilla bean infused. At the little glass covered bar you pour small amounts and have a sniff or I guess a sip if you were so inclined.
There is also a little lunch counter with a quite delightful menu. We shared these items- a lime infused roasted chicken salad sandwich, a very tasty pasta salad and a wedge of Mexican lime infused olive oil cake. We loved the cake and thought we might duplicate it at home from the readily available recipe. We were however thwarted when we discovered we would need to purchase 2 bottles each of lime infused olive oil at $11.69 a pop. We certainly had a good time.
At several more stops I purchased these fun fabrics. Thanks, Linda for sharing your day off with me.
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Such a girl

This is my friend Linda's sweet little cat, Peaches. Her name is perfect for her as she is a little dumpling who looks as if she came from a Mary Engelbreit illustration. I wanted her to sit on my lap but at least she stayed close by for a while.
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I did today

Throughout my adult life I have given as gifts most of my best projects and rarely make one of anything for myself so decided before I packed up the bag of fabric hearts, I would make one more valentine decoration for this house.
Here's how it looks in the kitchen with my carnations.
My other project was curtain panels for Mandy. She bought this Alexander Henry fabric online at a wonderful website selling all her artsy and Mexican folk art types of things. I love this print. It's called "Corazones", very nice quality and lovely to work with. I'm sure she will enjoy it. Good choice, Mandy.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

The creativity

I made these cookies today for a church Valentine party that I attended tonight. They looked really nice and were quite tasty but probably wasted effort for this event. Since Den has given up all sweets, I kind of miss baking. So it was fun even so.
I have quite a few post card valentines and this is my favorite. May everyone enjoy their Valentine's Day.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweetest holiday celebrated a little early

Favorite vase is filled with one of my favorite flowers for Valentine's Day. I love carnations and feel that they are a much maligned flower. If you put a whole lot of them together, they are gorgeous. I bought a bunch of pink and a bunch of red and they make me happy. I have a feeling good old vase here is going to see a lot of use unless I find something else I like as much on one of my Ross and Marshall's runs.
Homemade valentines for my boys, partly because I couldn't find any manufactured ones I like and also because it's meant to be my year of creativity.
Mr M took me out tonight for an early valentine treat to dinner and a movie at Farelli's Cinema where you sit at tables and enjoy your dinner while watching the show. We saw "Marley and Me" and indulged ourselves with Angusburgers and fries. It was a lovely valentine gift even if I did have to scrub at my eyes and blow my nose a few big honking times. I'm not usually much of a Jennifer Anniston or Owen Wilson fan but liked both of them in this movie.
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slow movers

Most days Sadie and I take a walk with Dennis and Jake. Sadie is going to be 15 years old soon. I'm happy that she can still get out for a little stroll even though it is now limited to down the street and around the corner about half a block. She does fairly well on the going portion with the very patient Jake dog by her side. It's pretty slow going on the return portion with much stopping and sniffing at all the mail boxes along the way. I love you so much, Sadie. She is the best dog an old lady could ever want.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honoring Abe

Another post card from my collection. I grew up entrenched in all manner of things Abraham Lincoln. Born in Lincoln, Illinois; spent most primary school class trips visiting Lincoln locations-home, tomb, New Salem; as an adult lived in Mt Pulaski,IL where Lincoln was a circuit rider coming through to perform his works at the historic Mt. Pulaski Courthouse. Spent part of my driving years with license plates with Land of Lincoln across the top. Just recently saw a newly published book on the life of Lincoln and think I may try to read it. Although as a child I studied and memorized many facts about this popular president, I realize that I don't really know that much of his early life. I am very saddened that we have lumped together the days of honor of 2 of our most noteworthy presidents, think they each deserve their own celebration day.
So tomorrow on Mr. Lincoln's birthday I will try to do an act or 2 of kindness in his deserving memory.
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