Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter wasn't the most exciting around here. This is the brunch table at my church. Idid not attend but went to the late service instead.
My new Easter shoes. Goodwill-$3.50.
My Easter lunch prepared by the good people at Whole Foods.
The dogs spent a lazy day.
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sweat shop

Dennis joined Arizona Golden Rescue and also made me a member so I could do some volunteer sewing. I opened my own little sweat shop in the hobby room. Unfortunately I was the only employee. I turned out 18 of these mitts for a fund raiser on May 7.
I did learn to make quilted fabric which I will use for several other purposes.
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Last week, Beth, Kent, Amanda,Kaitlynn and Dallas spent a few days with us. Kent and Amanda are wonderful parents and we enjoyed seeing them. Dallas looks much as Kent did at this age.
Kaitlynn has a great disposition.
Our dogs loved Amanda.
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Hello little blog

I have been very neglectful of my little blog lately. Haven't done a good job of taking pictures. Have just been kind of skimming through my existence. Time to reconnect. Week before last I spent a few days in Tucson with the kids. On Thursday night we went to Becky's and helped with bottle cap jewelry.
The Beanz are the popular toy at present. Spent lots of time looking at them.
In addition to this outfit, Evan was wearing orange Crocs.Mandy said he looked like a citrus explosion.
A project Aaron was working on.
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