Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Brothers Tucker

I love the way Aaron's eyelashes are so spiky against his cheeks here.
Sometimes I think they look just alike and sometimes I don't think they look alike at all. Old Ma Nature is magnificent in the way she scrambles up the genetic material in each child.
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mandatters said...

Thanks for posting these, Mom. They are really sweet. I had to ask Evan what he was eating here, I couldn't figure it out. Turkey shreds!

shy_smiley said...

Mandatters! Is she going to blog now? Can't wait for more photos and fun today and in the days to come. (We were just talking about the Random Emergence from the Same Gene Pool at Michelle's: Cathryn's hair is straight as a stick while Carolyn's is curly as all get out.) I'm like you, Mama D. Sometimes I think Evan and Aaron are identical but then I think they're completely different.