Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Set of dish towels with a Mexican folk art theme.
Shirred and beaded scarf.
close up of the beading which I quite like.
A necklace.
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The tea

At which I forgot to take pictures after we actually started eating. Above Kathy and Shirley.
Donna, Annie, Jennie and Joyce Ann.
Kali and Barbara.
The desserts and only food picture I took. Homemade angel food cake, red velvet cake balls-a big hit!,chocolate pepper cookies, benne seed wafers, sweet potato tarts from Trader Joe's and neopolitans from Fry's. I had a very good time and hope others did also.
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The salad

My friend Pam gave me the recipe for this salad. Which prompted lunch at Cowboy Ciao restaurant with my church group. Where I didn't eat the salad but finally made it at home. And it was delicious, as well as attractive.
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Saturday lunch

I said I could go for some good Mexican food and the girls suggested this restaurant in south Tucson which had been on a tv show Mandy saw. Also was where Bill Clinton ate when visiting Tucson during his presidency. There was a bit of a wait and the boys entertained themselves quite well.
Jack is hungry.
Mi Nudito means my nest.
I love these little muchachos.
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Why I like Tucson

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Thanksgiving weekend

I spent 4 days in Tucson over Thanksgiving weekend. Den spent Thursday night but came home on Friday so he'd be ready for his adoption event on Saturday. We had lots of fun. The boys and I went outside to finish waiting for the girls to shop.
We bought some goodies at the Botanical gardens.
Jack relaxes.
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Christmas past

This tiny critter came into my life almost exactly one year ago today. He is a naughty little thing but I adore him!
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In use

Remember these?
Here they are being worn by my lovely daughter!
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La Fraaawnch!

Night before Thanksgiving. I told Becky we would go out for a nice dinner. Jack was going to be with his dad and we could have a liesurely meal. She chose Le Rendezvous, a French restaurant of fairly long standing. I don't have much experience with French food except what I have experimented with at home and a few luinches out. This is Becky's starter of roasted beet salad with goat cheese. I had French Onion soup which was superb.
My entree of the first sweetbreads I have ever eaten, delicious! We had 4 small sides on this plate, some potatoes Anna, broccoli rabe, baked tomato half and something exquisite of spaghetti squash which is hidden under the greens. A simply wonderful dinner!
I thought we should have the ultimate cliche dessert. Our waiter Daniel prepared crepe Suzette tableside.
One of the best desserts I have ever eaten. I wanted to pick up my plate and lick it!
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Friday, November 19, 2010


Cute cat and mouse earrings. Linda gave me the cat and the mouse to make these earrings.
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the prizes

On December 9, I am going to have a Christmas tea at my house for the women's group of my church. For the past 2 years at the December event, I have devised a little Christmas contest and made prizes for it. So this year the contest will be just a little bigger. This is a set of prayer beads, a bookmark and a pair of earrings. Linda came over last Saturday and we spent the afternoon beading.
A Christmas apron.
One of the car bags in denim.
And a set of decorated dish towels.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ladies day out

Today the Women's group from my church had as their monthly meeting a day out in downtown Scottsdale organized by my very own self. We started with spice shopping at Penzey's. A few of the women had never been here. None of us left empty handed.
Our cheerful group.
Shopping for Southwestern "stuff" at Bischoff's.
My friend Jennie models the Aldrich Art necklace that I covet and visit several times a year. If I won the lottery, this is the first thing I would buy.
We then went to Cowboy Ciao for lunch. I had the signature dish which is a mushroom panfry skillet served over the best polenta I have ever eaten. Just as I got ready to take its picture, my batteries depleted. I think everyone had a good time. Really cool weather here today.
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A pair of nice soft long flannel jammie pants for Mandy. We bought this fabric years ago. Hope she still likes it.
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