Friday, January 06, 2012

Birthday evening

The birthday evening ended with dinner at Casa del Rio. It was a very fun and happy day.

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Next birthday activity was an afternoon of thrifting. If you know my girls and I, you know that's one of our favorites things to do. A few different people joined us for this and we all found at least a couple of treasures.

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Ze cake

Very delicious birthday cake created by Son himself.
My sweet girl

Happy birthday from dear old dad!
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Becky is 40

Becky turned the big 40 on September 14. She planned a day long party of her favorite things. She and Ana were the only participants in a very early morning hike. Then we went to Son's for brunch and cake. Photo op by someone's very sweet ride. Then everyone ordered from the menu for a delicious meal at Son's.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011


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Every year the boys play on the train.

The boys climb one of the many giant stairways.
Mandy visits her friend Mark at Itty Bitty toy shop. This year she made him a decoration for his fan wall.
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Bisbee dining

First evening following tradition at the bar and grill.
Brazey has lemonade.

We had breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club which is located in what looks to be an old department store. Food was delicious and we have a little photo op here on this ultra long sofa.
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3rd annual

On Labor Day weekend the girls, grandsons and I took our third annual trip to Bisbee. Almost there when we come to the tunnel. Let the fun begin!
Taking the back way to the main drag for our shopping adventures.

Night life at the Copper Queen. Not for us for some lucky adventurers.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tucson, the eating

Becky directed us to Little Cafe Poca Cosa in downtown Tucson
where I consumed this delicious lunch.
One night we ate dinner at the brand new Culver's.
Guess which the boys most enjoyed?
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Tucson in August

Home alone today catching up on a few things. Haven't posted my Tucson visit in August. The girls, Jack and Aaron and I made a trip downtown at my request. Evan had already started school. We parked a couple of levels underground, it was slightly eerie.
Not even really sure what this is.
Tucson's courthouse which I've always loved. It used to be featured on an old tv show called Petrocelli.
Sweet girl in a frame. We had a fun day.
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Monday, September 05, 2011


Bracelet I sent to an old friend.
Sleeping matryoshka triplet babies for Becky's birthday.
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