Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My idol

The lady on the left is my friend Marilyn who is in my EfM class. She is a very dear and interesting lady. She is 15 or so years older than I am and looks fantastic. My friend Kathy is on the right. We had our class at Marilyn's house this morning. She lives at the end of the road on a little ranch with horses, birds and 9 dogs she has rescued from various sources. Her horses also include some rescues.
Her dogs all live in the house, are all well groomed and lovely. This is Bandit who spent the morning with us. He was very well behaved. Marilyn says he is the "nurse" among the dogs and will look after the others.
Marilyn is a wonderful artist and this is Bandit in the painting she is working on this week. Sorry, a little blurred.
This critter wishes you Merry Christmas above the front entry. I so admire Marilyn and hope I can be doing just part of what she does in another 10 or so years.
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shy_smiley said...

Friends like Your Marilyn are an inspiration. You got what she's got, Mom. Just look at your Lovely Time!