Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going home

Yes, indeed. Colorado is a very picturesque state.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
The dogs were pretty good travelers.
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Crested Butte

On Monday, we drove to Crested Butte. The drive through the Blue Mesa area is especially beautiful.
Crested Butte was as wonderful as ever, full of blooming flowers at all the businesses.

A rushing creek runs through the town. Overall, I would give this trip 5 stars.
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cabin in the woods

On Sunday evening we drove up to Dave and Neona's house on the mountain top. View from the patio, Sondra in shadow.
The cousins' reunion.
The whole group.
Front patio. We had a great evening, lots of talking, lots of memories.
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We joined up with Beth, Sondra and the Fannons on Saturday evening. On Sunday we took a drive to Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
I was compelled to burst out with " the hills are alive with the sound of music", Kevin joined me.
Den with coffee in hand. A really lovely setting.
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A steep drive

There was once a car commercial filmed on top of this rock formation. I remember the commercial very well. The Moab literature pointed this out and we drove by it on our way to Colorado.

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Moab-Dead Horse Point State Park

On our second day, we took a drive to a beautiful park although the name is kind of an off-putter. Dennis and Jake along the path.
View from the top.
We packed a picnic lunch.
Den and Jake play fetch.
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Because I think of this blog as my online journal where I can get a quick look at my pictures and my life, I am going to backtrack and put up my favorites from Moab and Colorado.
We stayed at a gorgeous campground along the Colorado River. There was a nice walk with a footbridge over the river. This is crossing under the highway.
Getting ready to cross footbridge.
The return walk.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

new projects

Little panda bear for my mom to prop on her Chinese cabinet.
Birthday banners for some of the babies in my life.
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A lovely getaway

We had good things to eat at restaurants
and at home.
lots of fun
and relaxation.
Many thanks, Linda and Ed.
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On Thursday morning

I walked up the ocean side of this street.
past this pretty mosaic
to this very good nail salon.
to get this pedicure. Hip hooray for me.
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Fun Farmer's Market

The first afternoon in SD, Linda took me to a really "happening" farmer's market. As we entered the street, what to our wondering eyes did appear but llamas. Not for sale, though.
Imagine my chagrin to find myself near this lady and her very large bird.
First time I'd ever seen this snakelike vegetable.
Never did figure out this heap of reddish fish, chicken,?.
Lots of pretty flowers and some really cute streetlights.
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