Monday, June 29, 2009

June is the month for weddings

Today is our 41st anniversary and this is how happy I was to be married to Prince Dennis.
Den's parents were also married in June and I believe the year was 1932. Fran and Mildred honeymooned in Rehobath Beach, Maryland. Not really sure if they were married there or Illinois.
Den's brother Dave and his wife Neona were married in 1957.
And my baby sister Melissa tied the knot with her soulmate Mike in June of 1986. The detail I remember most from their wedding is how upset Mike's mom Barb was that the priest referred to her son as Mike instead of Michael throughout the ceremony. Oh yeah! and maybe when Eric jumped up on the table and it crashed to the floor. Ha!
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long term friendship

On my last night in Illinois, Mom and I spent some time with Bert and Ken who have been our family friends for way over 50 years. Mom and Bert are kind of like sisters.
The 3 of them do lots of things together and it's because of these 2 that my mom can still stay by herself in her house. We all are very grateful to them and love them a lot.
Bert and Ken celebrated their 65th anniversary this year. Lookin' good, you two!
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Meaningful locations

Okay, just about done with the Illinois. All these pictures are things that have been important in my life. The Logan County Court house where all our births are recorded and all our business was transacted.
Guzzardo's Pizza which was on the 2nd floor and always seemed absolutely the epitome of romance and sophistication to me during my high school years. And also the makers of some mighty fine pizza.
Lincoln Theatre the sight of many 1st (and last or only) dates.
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital where I spent most of my nursing career, learned to really derive a lot of satisfaction from nursing and made some wonderful friends.
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Trafton yard

A few views of Mike and Melissa's back yard which is prettier every time I visit.
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A favorite spot

On Thursday before we left Joliet, we did a little garage sale shopping and then had lunch here at the yummy Portillo's.
Melissa, Allie and Mom had salads.
But Katie and I know what is primo.
And we chowed down on these juicy Italian beef sandwiches.
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Birthday girl

My baby sister, Melissa
We celebrated her birthday with her on June 17
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The Trafton Trio

These are my 3 sweet nieces.
Nicki, who just finished 6th grade
Ally just completed her freshman year of high school
Katie with the first year of ISU under her belt.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

the rest of Tuesday

Traveling on quite a distance, we finally came to Tuscola. We made a visit to the restaurant and candy kitchen.
Thanks to me telling Devon who is one of the sisters who own this place about Lori's blog and how we were all the way from Scottsdale and Buffalo to stop in, she invited us back into the candy room where she was making horehound squares. She was a pleasure. Mom had horehound but Mona and I opted out. Devon said you either love it or hate it and I am a long standing hater. However, I did partake of some fabulous hand dipped chocolates.
After several hours at the outlet mall we headed up the road to Champaign-Urbana. Got thoroughly lost, found I don't remember my way around at all. We all had the giggles a few times and ended up having some dinner at Silver Creek, a restaurant my son-in-law David managed when they lived there.
The place is still pretty and the food was still good. My delightful dinner of roasted corn chowder and crab cakes. Tuesday was a very long day. We didn't get home until after 11 and we were all very tired.
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Favorite things

This is one of my favorite places anywhere and at this time of year, it just can't be beat for heart warming beauty. This is known as Elkhart Hill and in central Illinois always seemed like height to us. The archway over the road is rather unique. I believe it was recently in danger of being demolished and the town's people fought to keep it.
While we were living in Mt. Pulaski, IL from 1986 until 1994, I passed under this arch every time I drove from our house to my parents' house.
Just before going under the arch heading east is Elkhart's cemetery which houses this cosy little chapel. One year we attended a Christmas concert here and it is a fond memory for me.
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Tuesday, June 16

Tuesday was a very long day for us. We decided we would go to Tuscola to the outlet malls and also a little candy kitchen and restaurant that Lori, a friend of Becky's had blogged about. As we got off to kind of a late start, we decided to stop in Elkhart at yet another tearoom that has opened in the past year. Here are Mom and Mona in front of the Wild Hare which is housed in the old Elkhart bank building.
It was very charming and we had another great server, Rhonda. Here is mom enjoying her lunch and Mona taking a picture of hers.
The main room is green with murals of animals painted by the owner's sister.
This is my lovely lunch accompanied by hot tea. Little rabbit shaped sugar cookies were given to us for dessert. Yes indeed, we enjoyed it.
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June 15

On Monday, we had a "work" day. Did the few little projects that mom wanted done. Then a little ride to Lincoln to the Court House. Mona and I got birth certificates and mom had a little business, also. We rode around Lincoln looking at all the parks and homes. This is my dad's brick in a war memorial to Logan county service men.
We spent quite a while thrift shopping . I practically forced Mona to buy this dress. She bought the shoes on a whim and discovered them to be very comfy. I made her pose for me.
I might have made her pose for this, too. We bought quite a few pairs of glasses at the dollar store. Had another really fun day.
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