Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving 1990

Here are my sweet daughters with their dad and Aunt Beth during the year of the Sasoonish haircuts. I believe this was the Thanksgiving when I worked all day at the hospital and came home suffering a raging case of food poisoning. My gratitude on this holiday was that I was still alive the next morning.
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shy_smiley said...

If my memory serves (which it usually doesn't), this would be Thanksgiving 1991 or 1992. See, in 1990 I was still going with Jeff Bailey: would have been my freshman year of college and I still had long hair. I didn't get this haircut until I started seeing Chris at City Looks soon after I started at Jumer's in Fall 1991. I don't remember the holiday at all, though. Looks like we were at Beth's? Sorry you had to work and came home with raging FP. That won't happen this year.

Momma_Dee said...

Actually, shy smiley, you graduated from high school in 1989 so in 1990 you were in your 2nd fall season at U of I. The reason I put 1990 was that the picture came from Neona and that is the date it had on it. I don't think I was there so it must have been the year of the bad stuffing at good old Abraham Lincoln. At least I won't have to work this year.