Saturday, November 14, 2009

I like 14

I like the number 14. It is my birthdate as well as my mom's my daughter's and my aunt's. I had a very pleasant day. First, I took some things to the Happy Valley Goodwill and then went in the store to shop. I could not stop putting things in my cart. I found 2 brand new black tops along with quite a few other delightful tops and blouses. A lovely piece of Nambe with the sticker still on it and a Hometown puzzle of the Oshkosh air show.
A gift for my friend Linda because we like baking pans and I feel every home needs a square angel food pan. Plus a brand new copy of The Daring Book for Girls. Finally just had to force myself to quit. Walked out with 2 more bags than I took in. Nothing makes me happier than a really good thrift shopping day.
Next I stopped by Trader Joe's and bought cut flowers to make the church arrangements for tomorrow. Then by Keira's house where her mommy and daddy had said I could get some palm fronds. This little curly top is only 2 months away from her 3rd birthday. She is a lively and fun little girl.
The altar flowers for tomorrow. Three heads of ornamental kale is the focal point of each.
Also we had a delicious dinner tonight of pasta with pesto sauce and shrimp. Used the whole bunch of basil for the sauce and it was mighty fine. I am now ready for bed feeling content.
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auntie m said...

Sounds like a comforting, productive and creative day. The arrangements are beautiful.

Miss Linder said...

A square angel food cake pan for me! Yippee. Your flowers are beautiful!

shy_smiley said...

love your finds. Haven't been thrifting in a while but feelin' the itch. I can't believe you found an OshKosh puzzle. Too much. We should work it and then spray it for Dad to hang in the workshop.