Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cloudy-NO chance of meatballs

First off, just thought this was cute. Sat by this little fashionista at church this morning. Her mommy says that grandmother buys the girls lot of clothes. Not sure how much I care for a 3 yr. old dressed in black but have to say her ensemble was smashing.
Was talking to one of my friends this week about growing up and got on the subject of what we ate. When my sister and I were girls, we had a mom who was one of the best cooks and bakers ever. Her cookies were works of art. However, Mona and I always got really excited over prepared, frozen and canned things. Swanson TV dinners were an infrequent treat. On occasion, we got to split a can of spaghetti and meatballs. I was always a fan of saving the best for last and savoring my food. Not so my sister. One lunch time we had carefully divided the mushy spaghetti and given each person their alloted meatballs. She scarfed up her meatballs and I carefully ate around mine savoring how wonderful they would be. I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back she had eaten all 7 of my meatballs. I was enraged. However it didn't change a thing about the way I still make myself practice delayed gratification. That incident sure made an impression on me as it happened about 55 years ago and is still fresh in my mind. I love you, Mona.
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Miss Linder said...
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auntie m said...

You would have to bring this up. I'm sorry. If we were having this meal today, I'd give you all seven of my meatballs.

Momma_Dee said...

But I'd let you keep a couple of them