Friday, February 20, 2009

The products

A bracelet and earrings to be donated to Artists Against Aids by Becky's friend Lori who is now my friend, too.
Earrings for the same purpose.
A little picture I put together to send to Mandy. I'm trying to come up with ideas on my own in this the year of creativity. I am harshly critical of myself. When I told a woman I know from church that I don't feel I'm creative and I've certainly never felt anything I ever made could be called art, she asked if I had a product to show when I was finished. She said she was taught if you created an end product, it was art. So , here are my end products.
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Ana said...

I absolutely love the picture of Mandy & Brazey... Wow!
Not only an artistic presentation, but what a lovely piece of photography!

auntie m said...

The jewelry is lovely as always and should fetch a nice price for the Artists Against Aids. But the picture is outstanding.

shy_smiley said...

I'm so glad you've responded to Lori's invitation to submit something to CU's Artists Against Aids. And I'm proud to own a pair of those green leaf earrings myself. Mandy's gonna love that picture you've made for her. It's truly lovely.