Monday, February 16, 2009

A fun day

Today being President's Day, Linda had the day off so I drove down to her house to have an adventure with her. We went to Queen Creek Olive Mill where they have a small olive oil production. They sell the olive oil, olive oil beauty products and various food and gift items of the olive theme. Here is Linda peeking through the aisles.
This is the olive oil room with plain and infused olive oils for sale. I bought one bottle of plain and one of vanilla bean infused. At the little glass covered bar you pour small amounts and have a sniff or I guess a sip if you were so inclined.
There is also a little lunch counter with a quite delightful menu. We shared these items- a lime infused roasted chicken salad sandwich, a very tasty pasta salad and a wedge of Mexican lime infused olive oil cake. We loved the cake and thought we might duplicate it at home from the readily available recipe. We were however thwarted when we discovered we would need to purchase 2 bottles each of lime infused olive oil at $11.69 a pop. We certainly had a good time.
At several more stops I purchased these fun fabrics. Thanks, Linda for sharing your day off with me.
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auntie m said...

It does look like a fun day. Your lunch looks delish. As I read I thought that I would need that cake recipe but then saw what you said about the olive oil involved. Maybe you could infuse your own.

Miss Linder said...

We had a great day, the pictures make it look even more fun.

shy_smiley said...

dang that looks like fun. And yummy.

Ana said...

Your lunch pics made my mouth water!
Love the fabrics... Especially the cupcake one. Shopping looks so fun -- maybe I should try it once in a while! =]