Sunday, March 01, 2009


Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. I don't feel pressured to accomplish much. I went to church this morning and had no duties, just got to sit and listen. Then I treated myself to California rolls made with real crab meat over at Whole Foods, followed by this incredible orgy at a quick stop at Ross. Came home, read, messed around with the dogs and did a few chores.
This is the dinner we had tonight. These are healthier versions of the omelet and fried potatoes we often have on Sunday evenings. I used only 5 ounces of red potatoes, precooked them in the microwave and then sauteed in only a half tablespoon of my really good olive oil from Queen Creek, the potatoes, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and little tomatoes. It tasted great with quite a few less calories. In place of the omelet, we had this breakfast casserole from a Weight Watchers cookbook. When I came back from Tucson, decided that I must try to shed some poundage. Read a book by Jen Lancaster on overweight, saw an article in the paper about abdominal fat and feel that someone is trying to tell me something. So any of you that pray, please pray for strength for me and if you're not a praying person, think positive thoughts. I have been unhappy with myself for such a long time. Don't know if I can do this but am going to give it my best shot for Lent.
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auntie m said...

I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you. I have faith in you. Your dinner looks great. I sure would like to know what all is in your shopping cart.

shy_smiley said...

You've got my prayers and support, too. Wish I could eat dinner with you. Looks totally yummy.