Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the product

Finally got a couple of things finished this week. These are jammies from the Cindy Taylor Oates pattern. Every time I make a pair I get really fascinated with the way the 3 different prints go together.

And some earrings. I like combining pearl and crystal.
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Miss Linder said...

The PJ's look great. Is that the fabric you got when we were together?

auntie m said...

Jammies are so cute - like Anthropologie. Green wires? Didn't know you could buy those, but then I don't know much about jewelry making anyway.

Momma_Dee said...

Wires are actually sterling silver. Guess they might have a reflection from something. You can get colored wire but it's just coated and coating will get scratched off with much handling.

Ana said...

Thank You for the Jammies!!!
I'm wearing them right now! =]