Thursday, January 29, 2009

Favorite things

One of my favorite flowers-tulips, in this vase I bought a few weeks ago which has definitely become my favorite vase.
And another tribute to my favorite grocery store-Trader Joe's where I can buy these rainbow carrots which in addition to being very tasty help make a nice, colorful plate.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of my favorite things to do and also in an attempt to boost the economy a bit is a trip over to Desert Ridge shopping center for a stroll through Ross and Marshall's. I almost always find some wonderful little deal. On my Tuesday visit (the day Ross has 10% off for those of us over 55) I found this really lovely Martha Stewart cookie book. Mr. M is no longer eating sweets so alas I rarely bake. However this book is kind of a little delight just for looking at the pictures. Martha's food stylists are top notch. In the event that I need to make cookies for some reason, I will try the chocolate strawberry thumbprints.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. M!

This is the antique card I found awhile back for an important year number birthday for the airplane man.
Who used to be this adorable little boy.
And then the golden boy I had a wild teenage crush on, met and married.
Papa Dee is now building an airplane of his own. I won't say how old he was today but he did have to adjust his healthcare benefits somewhat. Love you very much. Happy Birthday!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of Beauty is Art.---Ralph Waldo Emerson

In keeping with my plan, I feel I should try to create something each week. Here it is for this week. I think I will send it to my sister Mona, a lady with very good taste, indeed.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The productivity

In keeping with my motto for the year, I had to do a couple of projects that I have put off for far too long. These are 3 boards I have had in the closet since I painted the room. Had to get out the yardstick and level but finally got them up. I believe Mr. M thinks they don't contrast enough with the wall color but they actually look just like I envisioned.
This is a little stool that I bought at an auction when we lived in Illinois. I was the only bidder and it cost me 50 cents. It had dark varnish, was ugly and had about 6 different coverings layered on the seat. Den refinished the legs and this is its 3rd new cover in its life at my house. In keeping with my spirit of thrift, this cover is made from the front of an ultraseude skirt I bought at my church's thrift store at least 5 years ago. I think it likes its new home in our entry way.
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Highest honor

This is my husband Denny at his Sunday hangout. He is the Humane Society volunteer in charge at the weekly adoption event at a nearby Petsmart. He also works as an adoption counselor on Friday afternoons at the Sunnyslope location of the Phoenix Humane Society. While working on Friday, he saw this 3 month old bundle of fluff and energy. When he got the fax yesterday with the information on today's dogs he discovered that this little boy had become his namesake.
So doggy Denny meets Mr. Denny. I stopped by to meet this little critter after church. He is a precious baby but probably way more than we could ever handle here at the home of a very senior dog. Hope he finds a wonderful home! Daughters of this family, take note of Papa Dee's new updated glasses. We picked them out on Monday and his main comment was, "Whatever you want, Deb". I'm pleased.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

2 things I love about 1 thing I hate

I hate cleaning and everything about what we have always called "housework". I would rather get 20 patients ready for surgery than dust 1 room. I would rather cook dinner for a platoon than wash 1 window. But since I am too cheap and amazingly enough too picky to have someone else do it for me, I am sentenced to the fate of keeping my own living space somewhat pulled together. This lovely little yellow vacuum cleaner has helped me get a sort of "kick" out of vac
uuming. It lets you watch the dirt and dog hairs gather. I am driven to fill the container a couple of times and have even been known to go out on the patio to accomplish my mission.
Last week I discovered these little gems at Target. I Hate, Hate, Hate to dust. These little throw aways will pick up the dust and actually get rid of it, not drag it along into the corners. I still will never be able to say I want to do it but these wipes take away a little of the sting.
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Monday, January 12, 2009


For a number of years as we walk around the block here in our neighborhood, we go by this little cement spill in the road. I think it looks just like a little skeleton with the skull facing to the left and little vertebra in the center. Somehow it always makes me pause and ponder.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend project

This time the banner is in a bit darker colors with no florals. This one is for my grandson Aaron who will be 2 on January 31. Hope this one will be a hit.
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This is what I finished today. It is a birthday banner for great-niece Keira who will be 2 years old on Friday. It is little scallops of different fabrics edged with a scalloping shears and sewn into a banner. The idea is from Alicia Paulson's book Stitched in Time which was published in November. There are several more things I hope to make from this book. I think maybe what I want to do this year is actually be more productive as my sister was speaking of in her blog. More creative will be nice, too. I think my motto for the year will be :
In with creativity and productivity
Out with negativity.
I hope Keira and her family will like this.
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Monday, January 05, 2009

Just a little more Christmas

Most of the men of the family
The daughters of the family
Becky opens gift Jack made for them at school
At the end of the day Mama Dee veges out.
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Wii will rock you

David and Papa Dee are allowed by Jack to play one game.
Jack was very happy that Harry had delivered a Wii control from the North Pole.
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The dogs of Christmas

Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?
Sadie doesn't like her picture taken and this year she just went in the back room and slept.
The rest of the Bumpuss hounds however wanted to get in on the action.
While sweet Kismet relaxes on the sofa, her sister kitty Moxie is nowhere to be seen.
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The big boys

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