Thursday, April 23, 2009

sweet little mama

In this my year of creativity and productivity, I've had a little dry spell. My sister-in-law Beth came for her yearly visit and we kept so busy, I didn't have time for projects last week. This week I've had several meetings and some catching up to do. Was feeling a little blah and depressed this morning. And then I saw this sweet little bird fly in to sit on her nest which is about 3 feet outside my bedroom window. I just hope Sadie's barking doesn't chase her away. She made me feel so happy that I cut out a pattern this afternoon.
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auntie m said...

I love birdies. What kind is she? She looks like a fairly big bird.

Momma_Dee said...

She's just one of the many doves that are always around here. She just has such a sweet looking little head. Of course, you know if she came through the window I'd have shrieking hysterics.

shy_smiley said...

So would she. No, she'd have cooing hysterics. After she pecked your eyes out. Yes, she's sweet. Cassie discovered a nest of two newly hatched dovelings just yesterday. It's their season. Crazy little birdlings.