Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lenten project

My priest asked if I would make prayer beads as a gift to the teens in our church who will be having an overnight vigil on Easter eve. Over the past few days, I put together 11 sets of these. I like to do some kind of project for my church each year during Lent and these filled that square. Also made a little curtain for the guest room. The painting of the guest room was my project for last week and I will post some pictures as soon as a couple more things get put back together. I've been missing picture taking and my blog. Good to be back.
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shy_smiley said...

those are gorgeous. Some lucky teens.

Miss Linder said...

We've missed you too. The beads are very lovely.

auntie m said...

Missed you. Beautiful...lucky teens. I can see these becoming lifetime keepsakes.