Friday, April 24, 2009

dogs of our hearts

Today marks the 12th anniversary of Sadie living with us. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. She looks so elegant. I had a rough beginning with her, knew nothing about dogs and wasn't really sure I wanted one. My unexpected drive home with her from the Humane Society has been an often told story and really was rather ridiculously humerous.
This is Sadie with my nieces when they visited a few years ago (actually maybe more than a few). Sadie has always wanted to be in the thick of things.
Sadie in a family picture on Christmas day of 2003. One of my all time favorite pictures of all of my people. Becky's dog Cassie was just a baby.
My Sadie taken by me a few months ago, now in her declining years. She was thought to be 3 years old when we got her so she has reached a quite remarkable age for a big dog. I love her so much. She has brought many gifts to my life, the greatest of which is her unconditional love. Happy anniversary, my special girl!
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