Friday, November 19, 2010


Cute cat and mouse earrings. Linda gave me the cat and the mouse to make these earrings.
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the prizes

On December 9, I am going to have a Christmas tea at my house for the women's group of my church. For the past 2 years at the December event, I have devised a little Christmas contest and made prizes for it. So this year the contest will be just a little bigger. This is a set of prayer beads, a bookmark and a pair of earrings. Linda came over last Saturday and we spent the afternoon beading.
A Christmas apron.
One of the car bags in denim.
And a set of decorated dish towels.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ladies day out

Today the Women's group from my church had as their monthly meeting a day out in downtown Scottsdale organized by my very own self. We started with spice shopping at Penzey's. A few of the women had never been here. None of us left empty handed.
Our cheerful group.
Shopping for Southwestern "stuff" at Bischoff's.
My friend Jennie models the Aldrich Art necklace that I covet and visit several times a year. If I won the lottery, this is the first thing I would buy.
We then went to Cowboy Ciao for lunch. I had the signature dish which is a mushroom panfry skillet served over the best polenta I have ever eaten. Just as I got ready to take its picture, my batteries depleted. I think everyone had a good time. Really cool weather here today.
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A pair of nice soft long flannel jammie pants for Mandy. We bought this fabric years ago. Hope she still likes it.
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annual visit

In addition to Anthropologie, I always make a visit to Target when they put out the Christmas stuff. One of my favorites has always been the beautiful Christmas potted arrangements but alas no longer is there a garden shop. I found a few things but nothing like previous years.
Always enjoy the Archer Farms Christmas goodies.
This is the only purchase I made and I really think it's cute.
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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

aw, shucks

After church on Sunday, I went to Anthropologie thinking to see the wonderful Christmas decorations. Well, this is it. I actually walked right past this not even aware it was for Christmas. I guess the economy is really affecting things. There was one table of ornaments and none of them were the blow you away kind.
For the past month or so the old checkout island had been all shrouded in brown paper and cloth. I thought something spectacular was going on inside. Alas, it is this little crowded claustrophobic mark-down room. I hope this doesn't mean my lovely Anthro is on its way out.
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the making

I made these earrings for myself and also a pair for Mona's birthday.
Car bag for Mona's birthday
Pair of jammies for Becky.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Apron made with the vegetable fabric.
And an embellished towel to match.
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Dia de los Muertos pjs for Mandy. I bought the shirt at the Empty Bowls fundraiser up in Carefree last week because I knew I had fabric in my stash that would match.
Necklace I liked that some old wrinkly lady was wearing.
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the end

Mr. and Mrs. Nullmeyer mingle with friends and family.
The sweetest little wedding guest, Baby Ellie with her mama Ryan.
It's been a long hard day for the flower girl.
Well done, Jodie and Kevin. I was delighted to be a part of your week.
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I will

The kids were great. Rebekah was a sweet little flower girl.
I do, I do, I do ,I do, I do
The Rev. Rob did a great job!
I love this picture of Jodie.
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Getting ready for the big moment

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Jodie's wedding

The entire Deutsch family.
The attendents
Ready to go
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