Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best wishes, Elizabeth

Elizabeth in blue will soon become Mrs. Moyer. Some of the women from my church gave a bridal shower for her. My small role was making rolls and muffins.
The delicious lunch.
Sweet goodbye favors for all the guests. Another lovely event at the home of my friend Jennie. Wishing Elizabeth and Nate much happiness.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewer's block

Is there such a thing as sewer's block? I had the hardest time with this project. Cut on the wrong line and then had to fix. Just couldn't get going on it. Finally just didn't let myself do anything else until I finished the pants. This morning I sewed a little bead trim on the top and now I love it. Birthday gift for someone who isn't real "into" florals.
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change of scene

We drove up to Pine on Tuesday with the Spicers. Had lunch in Payson and showed them the trailer. Temperature was lovely. It was a relaxing little getaway.
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Monday, August 09, 2010

Week end in Tucson

Driving past downtown Tucson on the way to Mandy's house.
Mandy, Aaron and I get sushi for lunch. None of my Aaron pictures turned out well. He has a cute new haircut.
View from Becky's patio.
Octopus agave doing well in the Houge's back yard.
Mama Dee gets her old gray hippie hair cut off.
Nice enough on Saturday evening to have dinner on the patio.
Thankfully this downpour held off until later.
Some of Houges and Tucker doing a Beetles video thing. Aaron can sing "I've been seepin' yike a yog".
Mandy surrounded by canine love.
The girls and I go out for lunch and shopping.

Lost Barrio near downtown.
Snake bridge. Becky says it even has sound effects. Ugh!
On the road again. Home last night around 9:00 P.M. Always love going to Tucson.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Birthday finale

Finally posting the last of the birthday events. Two days before my birthday I spent a wonderful day in San Diego with my friend Linda. She and her husband Ed spend time every summer in a beach rental. They have been going to the same location for a number of years now. She had invited me over to spend the day doing the things that we like to do. I took the first flight of the morning over to San Diego Arrived about 8:00 and Linda picked me up curbside. Immediately begin realizing I am in Paradise. Temperature perfect. Oh my! Water and foliage.
This sight always bring joy to me.
Some shopping, this was near a funky little bead store in LaJolla.
My paw is in here to show the size of these things. Audrey 2 indeed.
After a delightful morning we had lunch of course of fish at this delightful market/restaurant.
My not especially health but oh so delicious lunch.
The pier at the rear of the market.
Linda buys me birthday cupcakes. Some of the best I've ever had. We sat at a counter in the front of the shop that was open to the street. Delightful!
Linda in front of the condo. Right on the beach. So California!
Water garden in front of another condo.

Loved this. Made me think of Mandy.
Deb gets her feet wet. This water is cold! Bay side.
Ocean side.

All good things must come to an end. Ed and Linda treated me to wonderful fish and shrimp tacos for dinner and then delivered me to the airport for a quiet flight home. Thanks so much, Linda. This was just a very special and joyful day for me. Being driven around is an exquisite treat.
A very pretty oven mitt and incense holder that was a little bit of my gift from Mona. Thanks Mona. Who wouldn't love a Wegman's gift package! I enjoyed my birthday week to the fullest this year. On Thursday at our regular mahjong, My friend Jennie had a special birthday dessert with candles and singing of the birthday song.