Monday, August 09, 2010

Week end in Tucson

Driving past downtown Tucson on the way to Mandy's house.
Mandy, Aaron and I get sushi for lunch. None of my Aaron pictures turned out well. He has a cute new haircut.
View from Becky's patio.
Octopus agave doing well in the Houge's back yard.
Mama Dee gets her old gray hippie hair cut off.
Nice enough on Saturday evening to have dinner on the patio.
Thankfully this downpour held off until later.
Some of Houges and Tucker doing a Beetles video thing. Aaron can sing "I've been seepin' yike a yog".
Mandy surrounded by canine love.
The girls and I go out for lunch and shopping.

Lost Barrio near downtown.
Snake bridge. Becky says it even has sound effects. Ugh!
On the road again. Home last night around 9:00 P.M. Always love going to Tucson.


auntie m said...

like your new haircut and Aaron looks way grown up with his

shy_smiley said...

we had a great time, too. Love you, MommaDee