Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I am in the final weeks of a 4 year program called Education for Ministry. It has been a good experience for me determining my personal philosophy and how I view the world. Most beneficial to me has been learning to like myself a lot better and figuring out a little of what makes me tick and how I interact with others. Today we met at Marilyn's house. She graduated from EfM last spring and lost her husband last fall. I blogged about Marilyn last year. She is a woman I very much admire.
The other side of the table across from me. I have learned something from everyone in my class.
A Talavera cowhead decorating Marilyn's patio. I am going to miss this group. Only 2 more lessons to go.
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shy_smiley said...

It's amazing that EfM is drawing to a close for you. It seems it's always a part of our conversations. Are you eligible to become a deacon now, or something? ;-)