Thursday, December 31, 2009

the creativity

Couldn't really post these before Christmas. Necklace designed and made by me for my sister-in-law, Beth.
Twelve Days of Christmas necklaces designed by me. Made one for each of my daughters, each of my sisters and one for my very own self. This is yellow jade with 12 days of Christmas charms and a pear clasp.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Sadie

I wasn't really ready to write about Sadie until now. This wonderful dog came into our lives in 1997. It was a very hard adjustment for me. It took a couple of months and then she totally captured my heart. Sadie was our first rescue dog from Arizona Humane Society and she was just about the perfect dog. She was 3 years old and really had no bad habits. She was a skinny little thing and totally not used to being on a leash. She would crouch low to the ground when we took her on walks. She just became more and more our dog. She went on many vacations with us and was always a delightful traveling companion. She gave us 12 years of her special dogness and will always hold the first and precious dog spot in my heart. My beautiful girl, may you be frolicking joyfully in the great doggie hereafter!
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the new family member

Sadly, my beautiful angel dog Sadie was euthanized on November 27. She was my wonderful girl who taught me so much about love. I thought I would never want another dog but then I met Beau. And have fallen in love again.
Beau is a long-haired miniature dachshund, black dapple with tan points. Adopted from Den,s dog adoption program at the Mayo Petsmart. He is a year old and weighs 7 and a half pounds.
He is actually a tri-color. Amanda is amazed that he was turned in to the Humane Society and has nicknamed him the Dapple Dockel.
Jake still isn't quite sure what to make of the tiny dog but has been very polite.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

A little pride

A few years back my good friend Ann and I made a set of vestments for our church. They are used only on Rose Sundays which happen twice a year during Lent and Advent. We loved them but our priest at the time refused to wear pink. My new church plant was able to acquire them and they look wonderful on our priest Susan twice a year.
I designed and made the burse and veil and love seeing them in use.
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Cis for cookie

My friend Linda entitled her blog 25 years of cookie baking. We first met in Tucson when her youngest daughter was a couple of years old and found each other again about 10 or so years ago. Linda is my soulmate and helps maintain my sanity. Every time I am with her I come away feeling better. Here she is wearing an apron that she made when we had sewing day together last year.
The kitchen gets a little messy and then when our OCD starts kicking in, we pick up a little.
Two of the finished products. The peanut butter kisses and the turtle bars.
The 10 sorts of cookies that we made this year. They are all pretty good, some better than others. Wouldn't bother making the cherry bars again.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Festive luncheon

The very appealing table at our ladies Christmas lunch for Nativity Church.
Second from left is my priest, Susan.
Two women whose company I enjoy, Marty and Jennie.
This is Virginia and Joy. Virginia(left) is 95 years old. She was a poli. sci. professor at Northwestern University, is sharp as a tack and very interesting to talk to. She won the scissors in the Christmas contest for having participated in a college bowl parade. She says it was Georgia Tech in 1940. So much fun!
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Favorite things

One of my all time favorite foods is corn fritters. Never make them because I do not fry as a general rule. For only 3.99 at Cheesecake Factory, you can have this delightful plate of corn fritters which is the perfect lunch. These were my lunch this past Sunday.
And I love the painted walls and ceilings in this restaurant.
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a little bit of creating

Baby blanket for new great nephew. My first of these fleeces. Cute and fun to make.
Flannel blanket for same baby. Fabric for both of these was generously given to me by my friend Linda from her supply. Thanks, Linda.
Altar arrangements for church this past Sunday.

Prizes for a contest I made up for a luncheon today for the ladies at my church. Scissors fob, set of cocktail napkins and Christmas tree earrings.
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mall rats

On Wednesday evening, I met Linda for dinner at Lolo's and a little mall shopping. Totally love the Louis Vuitton windows. Something a little magical about them.
A very bizarre Christmas tree at the new Barney's. We seemed to be so out of place in this joint that the sales associates didn't even raise their heads or end their conversations with each other. I guess Middletown girl does not look like a Barney's shopper.
Another Christmas tree collage at my beloved Anthropologie that was very charming.
And I sort of coveted this Christmas bingo.
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Lunch and a Christmas present

On Tuesday I did my routine errands, grocery shopping, etc. I have been told many times by people how nice the Mayo cafeteria is for lunch. I had just wrapped up my Desert Ridge things and decided to try it out. They were right. It was very good. And also very inexpensive. I also visited the gift shop.
On my way out I discovered this musical trio playing in the lobby. They used to play at Nordstrom's and the pianist is excellent. So I sat down for awhile and listened to my very favorite selection, a medley from "Phantom of the Opera." It was just like receiving an early Christmas gift.
On my way back to the car I visited their tranquil healing garden. A nice little interlude for the middle of my day.
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Friday, December 04, 2009

My girls

The eldest daughter's family
The youngest daughter's family
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new dog in town

On Thanksgiving morning our neighbor Mark and his 3 sons came over to introduce us to their new dog, Slider.

Jake was slightly leery but very courteous and well behaved. Slider is a fuzzy little Golden doodle.
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