Sunday, January 30, 2011

First airplane ride

This past Tuesday was Denny's birthday. As a gift to him, I took my first ride in the RV-12 and bought him lunch in Payson.
This is Lone Mountain and our subdivision betwwen the mountain and the bottom of the picture.
The Verde River.
Back to the hangar and Denny tucks the airplane back away. It was fun and exciting. I will probably be wanting to go again before long.
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Blanket for a church friend.
Jammies for my sister.
Detail on legs. Little button sandwich.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Jammies and a scarf for a special family friend.
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For the month of January, the Women's group of my church went to a labyrinth for a talk, a walk and a little meditation. The lady in the blue shirt is Taffy Lanzer. This is her private labyrinth at her own home. She is an ordained minister, a consultant and constructor of these structures. She is a very interesting woman.
We all did the walk at the same time and at our own pace.
Kathy finishes, ta da!
Lunch after at Tonto Bar and Grill. Always a good choice. Dorothy has some left for dinner. Dorothy is another wonderful, interesting lady. We recently celebrated her 90th birthday and she is still going strong.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The projects

This is the 3rd of these raggy edged quilts I've made and the first one that I had the presence of mind to photograph. This is a gift for my girl's new apartment and I will be mailing it very soon.
And one of the car bags for her also.
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new desk

New at least to Den. He was given this desk for his hangar by his friend, Eric. So instead of sewing on Monday, he called me to help him unload this.
It will make a nice addition to his little corner of the world.
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Lunch with Linda

Linda always introduces me to fun and tasty eating establishments. This is La Grande Orange, market and cafe. Fun to look around and yummy to eat here.
I had the Croque Madame breakfast sandwich. We then went to see the move "Black Swan". A very pleasant day.
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Favorite things

My favorite tea in my favorite cup. Been having quite a bit of this.
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new product

Trader Joe's now carries these delicious tomatoes. These are the ones I always pick out of the heirlooms so am very glad for these. They really do taste "tomato-ey."
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Christmas gifts

Becky made me this glass mosaic vase and the Schicklings sent the flowers as a thank you gift.
Mandy made me this sweet wall pocket. Love these hand made things.
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Another first

On Saturday I went to Ulta looking for I don't even remember what. I saw a stool all set up as a "brow bar" and thought to myself, well, why not? So sat down and had my shapeless and kind of gray eyebrows cut, waxed and plucked. It was relaxing and I think I like them. Adding this to things I might like having done once or twice a year.
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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Necklace I made for my mom.
To go with this shirt.
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Uncle Bill took us all out for breakfast at Mimi's. Somehow all the guys sat together and all the gals opposite. And sadly I took no pictures of the ladies. We had a good time and a good breakfast.

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Christmas beer

In addition to Schicklings, we also had Spicers and Dave and Neona with us for Christmas dinner. I enjoyed the company very much. In spite of all good intentions, I took almost no pictures this year. Sad. Too busy having fun I guess. Dennis has a Christmas beer while enjoying Beau's company.
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Christmas morning

Mona, Bill and Jay came for Christmas and a visit with us this year. We start Christmas morning with family breakfast.
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Yearly event

Linda and I like to have a little mall time every year shortly before Christmas. We visit Williams- Sonoma, Crate and Barrel Anthropologie and several other favorite places. To begin our evening, parking was dreadful. For the small sum of $7 you can pull in and have your car parked. Each year it seems to cost a little more. I was able to buy a lovely roll of red and white bakers twine with the $7 I saved.
We had a delightful dinner of half priced appetizers at Kona Grill. Those lettuce wraps were really yummy.
Very few decorations this year however we were less than thrilled to view this piece of grotesquerie. Not exactly sure what the message is meant to be. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.
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