Monday, June 28, 2010

Fund raiser

I misplaced my big camera and only found it a few days ago. These photos are from a fund raising night my church women's group held in April. It was a very enjoyable night. Many of us made or contributed items for a silent auction and a Chinese auction. The evening started with a social hour with wine and appetizers.
Chinese auction items had Chinese take out containers to drop tickets in. Becky made the folk art cross and Capri Sun bag on this table.

Silent auction items were at the far end of the room.
A delicious snack table, Cindy enjoying a treat.
Our priest Susan is pleased at winning a sports package.
My food contributions to the evening, deviled eggs and chocolate covered strawberry cookies.

new signs

About a month ago, we got new street signs in the subdivision and on my way out this morning I was thinking how much I like them.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Some knitting

A hat for Becky
And a hat for Mandy. The button up hat pattern that I like to knit trimmed with novelty buttons that Linda and I found at the ribbon store down by her house.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Familiarity never breeds contempt for me when it comes to this soothing Sunday activity.When I first moved to Scottsdale in 1994, my mom came with us for a month or so. The first Sunday that we lived here we went to Paradise Bakery for lunch.
It has frequently been my Sunday destination after church. And I have been having this same lunch of a half chicken walnut salad on dark molasses bread and a cup of soup for always. So far I have never tired of it. A quiet solitary lunch with a good read is one of my simple pleasures.
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Monday, June 07, 2010

Flagstaff getaway

Last Tuesday I had a girls getaway to Flagstaff with friends from church. Four of us traveled up north to join a 5th friend whose daughter's summer home was our destination. Upon arrival we were greeted with mimosas and snacks, then out to lunch at the golf club.
This was my cozy and charming room complete with its own adjoining bath.
On our first evening we dined on oriental chicken salad at this very inviting table.
Annie an Jennie completed a project for Judy.
We had a few conversations on this patio deck. Three stories up, wow!
The next morning Judy prepared us a delightful breakfast.
Next was a hike in the tall pines.
The air was clean and crisp.
That afternoon we had a little shopping interval in downtown Flagstaff.
Pretty patio outside a candle shop.
Back home for Annie's delicious bruschetta and a glass of tea. Lots more conversation.
Then out for dinner at a restaurant that appeared to be rather a hole in the wall.
The Tinderbox with its quite edgy menu.
Michelle our very friendly and helpful server.
Fantastic goat cheese mushroom soup.
My entree of pot roasted pork belly and pork filled dumplings.
Lunch at Rock Springs on the ride home.
Where none of us saved room for pie. Thanks for the ride, Kathy.


One of the bouquets I arranged for the church altar a week ago Sunday. The dark centered lilies were gorgeous.
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